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MPX Bioceutical Corporation is a multinational diversified cannabis company focused on the medical and adult use cannabis markets.

The company has a growing presence in the U.S. with imminent plans for ten dispensaries and four production facilities in four states. It also has a production facility under construction in Canada as well as a pending licence application to Health Canada.

In addition to its well established Melting Point Extracts (MPX) brand, the company’s foundation is built on its profitable operations in Arizona, where it has three fully operational Health for Life dispensaries and The Holistic Center (acquired March 5, 2018) , giving it a total of four dispensaries in this state.

In Nevada, MPX is operating GreenMart, a fully licensed cultivation, production and wholesale cannabis business.

In Massachusetts, the construction of the first of three dispensaries is underway as is construction of a cultivation and processing facility in Falls Rivers.

MPX is also managing three dispensaries and one production facility in Maryland (which are not yet operational) and has options to acquire each facility.

On August 23, 2017, the Company was advised that its application for Licensed Producer status from Health Canada was at the Detailed Review and Initiation of Security Clearance Process stage and has started construction of its 72,342 square foot production facility.

With all production facilities, MPX anticipates that it will have 9 million grams per annum in cultivation capacity and be able to produce 1.2 million grams of concentrates.



We’re replicating profitable operations and well-established brands to build a multi-state presence



Most MPX Bioceutical Corporation’s operations are U.S.-based, but we have also applied for a license in Canada


Established Brands

Established brands like MPX, Health4Life, and Salus BioPharma meet the needs of adult recreational and medical cannabis users



MPX Bioceutical Corporation signed a definitive agreement to create a joint venture with Panaxia to develop proprietary, smokeless pharma-grade products using cannabis

Committed to consistent best-in-class quality

MPX Bioceutical Corporation Delivers


Profitable operations and a healthy balance sheet provides financial flexibility

In Control

From seed to sale, MPX Bioceutical Corporation controls quality ensuring consistent quality


Established brands capture both adult recreational and medical market share


Senior executives with strong track records focused on flawless execution

Canadian Bioceutical Teams Up with Israeli-based Panaxia

Canadian Bioceutical has teamed up with Panaxia to develop, market and sell pharma-grade cannabis products.

Core Brands